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Amanda Rotstein is a successful and energetic content strategist, marketing manager and architect of creative content with experience implementing national and global brand projects. A meticulous and results orientated individual with an eye for digital trends and a thorough knowledge of strategic marketing, brand partnerships, and communication strategies that facilitate the path for brands to define and design sustainable ideas, quality engagement initiatives and memorable experiences across all channels.

She is accustomed to impacting all elements of a project from ideation to completion. She is charged with developing strategic marketing plans and generating engaging content with a unique brand narrative. She successfully plans, executes and analyzes content and partnerships purposefully with the intention of increasing website traffic, growing brand awareness and meeting business objectives. 

Her passion for the digital landscape is exemplified by her experience in e-commerce platforms and her enthusiasm for social media engagement. Amanda's strengths lie in her ability to craft digital strategy and create brand identity. A cross-section of her responsibilities have included strategic and integrated planning of regional and national marketing campaigns, media relations, new technology integration, best practice process implementation, management of strategic partnership, and agency relationship management.

Amanda believes in the power of beautiful design alongside a strong content strategy. It probably wouldn't hurt to mention that she's a big fan of Russian literature, Broadway musicals, documentaries, her family, and any movie involving time travel.

 Also, she rarely refers to herself in the third person.

Spoiler alert: She wrote this bio.