Sweatstyle 2016

Fully integrated 360 degree marketing campaign, including OOH, digital, print, radio spots, retail marketing events, social media takeovers and brand  partnership initiatives.  To make Roots Canada the a leader in highlighting and supporting Canada talent, and underscore our signifgance in Canadian arts & culture. 


The Sweatstyle campaign was a collaboration between lifestyle brand Roots Canada, eight artists and five major record labels. Collectively, the initiative reflects Canada's contemporary music scene, highlighting several genres and styles with performers from various regions in the country.

Working with Sony Music Canada, Warner Music Canada, Universal Music Canada, Dine Alone Records and Cult Nation, the campaign features an impressive roster: Juno-nominated singer- songwriter Scott Helman (Toronto); YouTube singing sensation Ruth B (from Edmonton); indie-electronic duo Humans (Vancouver); country-music singer/songwriter Meghan Patrick (Bowmanville, ON); French-Canadian cover-girl turned chanteuse Charlotte Cardin (Montreal); underground hip-hop superstar Jazz Cartier (Toronto); pop heartthrob Tyler Shaw (Coquitlam, BC); and the new Brampton, ON trio EMP.

The campaign, one of the most complex and extensive in the history of Roots, includes in-store musical performances in Canada and the US which were broadcast on Facebook live; a series of artistic portraits photographed in Toronto wearing Roots in which each artist interprets the theme of "sweatstyle" in his/her own personal way; a national marketing campaign promoting the musicians via social media, newspapers, magazines, outdoor posters, store windows, digital channels, in windows and audio systems in 109 stores in Canada and five in the US and through streaming partner, Spotify. In addition, through a special collaboration, many of the musicians in the campaign will be featured on VICE's digital verticals. Images from the campaign will also figure prominently in 130 Roots stores in Asia this fall.


The Project

Working closely with Canadian Record Labels as part of a massive new campaign for Roots centered around their new slogan, "Sweatstyle. Own Yours. Be You." Taking a fresh approach to previous campaigns, "Sweatstyle" breaks the Roots aesthetic of camping and outdoor living and asks Canadian emerging artists' to 'style their sweats' and become ambassadors for the brand. 

The task was twofold– to create strategic partnerships with emerging Canadian musicians and to develop the the campaign messaging as well as establish entirely new visuals for use in both online and out-of-home ads.

 Jazz Cartier for Spotify Canada

Jazz Cartier for Spotify Canada

Spotify Canada Partnership

Partnering with Spotify Canada to create a signature Roots Canada playlist featuring artists in the campaign. Both Roots Canada and Spotify Canada's social media channels worked to promote the activation to their audience. 

Listen to the Playlist

 Tyler Shaw secret show on the Much Rooftop

Tyler Shaw secret show on the Much Rooftop

Facebook Live Stream Artist Performances

Each artist performed at a signature event to a group of fans who won attendance via social media interactions with @RootsCanada and the #Sweatstyle hashtag. Each event was Facebook Live streamed to Roots Canada Facebook fans. Events included a rooftop show with Tyler Shaw and Scott Helman, a press conference with Ruth B, an in-store meet and greet with Jazz Cartier and a intimate in-store performance with Charlotte Cardin.

Selected Responsibilities

  • Served as a producer and manager of the campaign

  • Key lead  in forming strategic partnerships with artists from Sony, Warner Canada, Universal Music, Cult Nation and Dine Alone Records, Much, Facebook and Spotify

  • Casted and negotiated brand ambassador contracts 

  • Developed content calendar and work-back schedule for campaign and marketing departments 

  • Developed and executed digital content strategies; author various deliverables including creative briefs, brand strategy roadmaps, and digital strategy presentations with KPI measurement frameworks for campaign

  • Ensure brand voice and journeys are consistent across all touch points writing digital copy, social media copy, headlines, taglines and hashtags.

  • Worked closely with internal teams to develop and align the content strategy across all channels (print and digital) and manage the execution of initiatives.

  • Worked closely with external teams to develop and execute the content strategies for Social Media and Media/Public Relations. 

  • Provide quality assurance on daily site updates and manage digital assets.