Roots Canada 150 X Snapchat

Photo sharing over the mobile devices supports a range of purposes, including recording memories and supporting relationships, self-presentation, and self-expression. Throughout 2017, millions of Canadians used Snapchat as a lightweight channel for sharing spontaneous experiences with close ties, increasing the capacity for emotion and a feeling "togetherness" amongst the population. Roots Canada partnered with Snapchat to create a high impact digital marketing campaign exclusivley on the Snapchat platform. 


Sponsored Lens

The most playful way to make an impact.

Roots Canada created high impact engagement with Roots iconic Beaver and the Red Hoody. Leveraging dates that helped drive sales of Limited Edition Canada 150 Collection this national lens drove millions of impressions across Canada. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 11.39.47 PM.png

Snap Ads

Snap Ad’s powerful mix of sight, sound and motion command visual attention and elicit emotional response in a video format that’s truly made for mobile.

A national ad unit fed into  Roots' target demo stories encouraged users to swipe up to watch branded video content. 


Chain Geofilters and Snap Codes

Snapchat provided a tool
to communicate directly with young consumers,
many of whom are already engaged with their
phones while shopping.

One of the app's advantages is its
geolocation capabilities, encouraging the creation of user-generated content specific to a physical
place or event. 

Snapcodes posted in windows, newsletters and social channels nationally, as well as  chain Geofilters encouraged young customers to watch branded video content and engage with the brand in a new and innovative way.