Roots Canada Holiday 2016

To make Roots Canada the definitive destination for holiday shopping, and underscore its significance to Canadians, we made a printed and digital gift guide showing consumers the varying tent-pole products Roots Canada offers.


The Roots Canada Gift Guide

Inspired by the togetherness and warm spirit of the winter holidays, Roots Canada embraced a long-form 'magazine'  format for this season's Gift Guide. 'Celebrating Canadian Style'  became the centerpiece of the campaign spotlighting luxury pajamas, cozy sweaters and luxury leather-goods all intended for hosting a classic Canadian holiday.  Roots Canada used heartwarming, authentic storytelling for their 2016 Christmas campaign, focusing on key buzzwords: relevant, relatable, and real. 

Social media continues to be important, necessitating imagery and language that translates across print and digital. 

The Print Guide

 We produced a printed gift guide with national distribution. This more traditional piece of marketing and advertising had a strong focus on editorial content that educated the consumer about the points of differentiation for a Roots Canada product. We were able to forge connections in the consumers minds between Roots Canada and handcrafted gifts that have quality and integrity at their core. 


The Digital Guide

While digital transactions are increasingly becoming the most common and convenient way of shopping, we translated the print experience of the Gift Guide to a digital experience that educated the consumers in an easy to navigate, easy to shop UX. 

Selected Responsibilities

  • Producer and Project Manager: developed content calendar and work-back schedule for campaign and marketing departments.

  • Ensure brand voice and journeys are consistent across all touch points writing copy, social media copy, headlines, taglines and hashtags.

  • Worked closely with internal teams to develop and align the content strategy across all channels (print and digital) and manage the execution of initiatives.

  • Worked closely with external teams to develop and execute the content/copy narrative for Social Media and Media/Public Relations. 

  • Provide quality assurance on daily site updates and managed all print digital assets.

Photographer: Andrew Soule

Creative Manager: Patrick Davis

Stylist: Marcia Facey

Hair & MUA : Anna Baraghesian, Judy Inc.

Digital Art Direction: Michael Saravia