Still Lives: Roots Canada x Vice x Noisey

Still Lives was a program brought together by VICE, Noisey & Roots Canada. Created in conjuncture with the Roots Canada 'Sweatstyle' campaign, the partnership painted a portrait of how artists from the campaign stay true to their artistic vision. Each artist had an in-depth Q&A article on Noisey accompanied by a GIF created by a local artist. The sharable pieces of lightweight content not only enhanced the profile of the artist but also highlight their originality.




The intention of the project was to position Roots Canada as cultural leaders and gain exposure to a millennial demographic. By creating sharable content for VICE/Noisey audience Roots was able to leveage 2.4M impressions over the flight of the campaign.   

In order to build interest and relevancy with the Noisey audience VICE’s social channels directed users to the lightweight editorial content which then bridged users to the Roots site.

The campaign hit impression goals making it social a success. Average post engagement on the lightweight content was higher than VICE’s internal lightweight benchmarks concluding that users were engaged with the content. 



Ad Units

Shoppable, viewport & snapable units were featured on VICE while standard ad units will served on Noisey, establishing strong exposure for Roots throughout the campaign. The campaign was a pilot project for new ad units on VICE - a first in Canada.